Birthday girl

IMG_6848 IMG_6851 IMG_6857 IMG_6855Today was a very happy day! I got some stamps and immediately got crafty and made some cute garlands.


This is me when I was about 4 years old. I thought it was a fun idea to hang the ‘twentytwo’ garland in front of my old pictures :)

IMG_6865I made some tissue paper flowers too! And for once the guests really noticed the handmade decorations, yay!

IMG_6862 IMG_6861 IMG_6859We had a Spanish theme going on and made all sorts of tapas. Shrimps, bread with salsa, veggies with houmous-dip, melon and prosciutto ham, olives… delicious! Ooh and these mini pizzas were delish too. Homemade, of course! Everyone loved them :)
My aunts are really creative too, and gave me a lot of crafty inspiration. Can’t wait to get started!






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