Chengdu #1

IMG_0574Hi everyone! Some snapshots of Chengdu for you today ;) My boyfriend and I are having a great time, even though the weather isn’t optimal: very humid, hot and cloudy. First up: some delicious-looking baozi (steamed buns) and zongzi (rice wrapped in leaves).IMG_0684Kids feeding koi with baby bottles. Only in China. IMG_0588Pillows for the monks to sit on during prayers. IMG_0636I’ll have one kitty, please!IMG_0649I couldn’t resist browsing through the knitting and crochet books at the local bookstore. Didn’t buy any though, since the patterns were a bit old-fashioned. I’ll write a recap of Chengdu when I have time, lots of pics and travelling tips!
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3 gedachtes over “Chengdu #1

  1. Heej Carmen!

    Wat een leuke foto’s zeg, zo’n mooie kleuren daar, ondanks ’t weer! Vet belachelijk die kinderen met die flesjes hahaha :) En die perzikken zien er GOED uit!

    Groetjes aan m’n broertje en lots of fun gewenst!!


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