New podcast episode: Ravelry Rabbithole!

I think pretty much every knitter/crocheter has fallen down the ‘Ravelry Rabbithole’ at least once in their crafty life! You go and search for a particular pattern you may want to work on, and a few hours later you kind of wake up from a trance, having looked at dozens or maybe even hundreds of beautiful patterns and projects.. browsing through people’s makes and alterations.. using different kinds of filters to find the ‘perfect’ pattern for your newly bought yarn.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does!

This new podcast episode is all about my newest finds on Ravelry and of course some other things I am working on :) I’ll also be showing my copy of Scheepjes YARN 3 bookazine and the samples of my two designs in this issue!

So go ahead, grab a cuppa and your WIP, and come join me for a half hour crafty chat :)